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    Bulgaria is beautiful country and that’s not a secret that we would like to hide from you. The nature is outstanding as here you can find everything if you are a travel lover – amazing mountains, one of a time seacoast, rich history and many other opportunities. As being called “Land of the roses”, Bulgaria has many hidden treasures.

    You can spend your holiday hiking in the mountains, cycle trough some incredible landscapes and to stretch your tent at the end of the day at some of the camping areas where you can enjoy a million stars hotel. If you are not a camping fan, you can visit some of the huts or why not jump to the nearest small town or winter resort for a spa weekend? Then you can get to know the Bulgarian culture, the hosts will feed you with some banitsa, bob chorba, serve you some rakya and dance horo all night. Let’s not forget the ski resorts where you can practice any winter sport you like with perfect conditions.

Popular places to visit in Bulgaria

You are not a hiking type of person? - than you should go to the Black sea coast where you can find variety of chances to spend your holiday. From beach party booming places to quiet, campsites where you can stargaze all night away from the crowd. Ride a surf, dive or paraplaning near the sea. Type of place which you should definitely visit is the countryside. If you want to see how people live in the villages you can hire a house for the weekend, make a barbecue and meet with the locals. They will cook you something special, as you won’t go to sleep hungry. You can ride a donkey, feed the sheep or go fishing. If you love hunting you can do it with the local hunting party.

Great ideas for your holiday

Don’t forget to visit any of the historical places as they are many! Did you know that Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe, or that the oldest golden treasure was found near Varna? The first Bulgarian kingdom was found in 681 A.D. as the first Bulgarian capital was Pliska. You can find most of Bulgarian historical heritage at the museums in the country.
If that’s not a way to convince you to visit Bulgaria, than it’s your miss!

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