General information and classification of services

Using the contacts on you can request two kinds of services: paid and free. Driven by the idea to help the foreign people visiting Bulgaria on different occasions, we decided to feature two kinds of services.
Free services – everyone can request those through the contact panel. If we decide that the service you need won’t lead to any additional costs for us or it would take us less than 5 minutes to deliver it - you won`t have to pay anything.
Paid services – again, from the contact panel, everyone can order a paid service, the price of which will be based on the costs that will be incurred and the time needed for delivering it.
Depending on the costs and the time needed, the service you requested could be transformed from “free” to “paid” and vice versa. You will be notified of that after estimating the complexity and the total cost of the requested service.
The services are being offered in the following exemplary classification:

Types of services


Information gathering

You are looking for additional information regarding a certain place, means of transport, product, property, etc.

If that kind of information is related to incurring additional costs, then you would be offered a certain price after its valuation.

You want to buy a real estate property and you would like someone to take a look at it or just to make some photos of it?

We can do that for you, for a certain fee.

You want to start your studies in Bulgaria and you are looking for the right university, school or other kind of educational institution?

We can do some research regarding your wishes and give you all the information needed.

You want to shop profitably?

We can provide you some shopping assistance in a certain destination in the country. Also, you will be able to get discount cards for loyal customers or direct price negotiation.

You are looking for more information regarding your business?

We can do a marketing research for you or gather all the information needed on the specific case.

You need help understanding something specific about Bulgaria?

We can ask on your behalf. Depending on the costs made, the service in this case could be free or paid.

You are looking for the right place to visit in Bulgaria?

We can offer you some options.

You are looking for some authentic Bulgarian products?

We can check who and on what conditions is offering the product(s).

Other services.

Anything that is in interest of tourists visiting Bulgaria.

•    We are not offering tourist services. Those kind of services are offered only by licensed tour operators and agents, who could place their advertisements on the website.
•    The website is not offering any kind of transport services. They are being offered by licensed transport firms, who could place their advertisements on the website.
•    Use the contact form on the website for requesting a paid service. Please describe in details the service you are looking for. Also, fill in correctly your personal information and your contact details. We can give you an answer when and at what price you could get the requested service, right away or within the following day. The payments are made after agreeing on the price and the conditions of the requested service as the payment should be made via bank transfer on the following bank account:
•    Some of the services which will be provided during your stay in Bulgaria could also be paid on the spot after the service has been provided with the prior consent of both parties.

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