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c. investor information
    In Bulgaria there is an Investment Promotion Act whose role is to promote investments in the country and its scope includes the implementation and maintenance  of investment projects of national importance. In order to be eligible, your project must meet certain minimum requirements stated in the Regulation on Implementation. The investors can apply for one of the following four types of certificates:
•    Class A
•    Class B
•    Class C
•    And for Priority Investment Project
It is good to know that you must meet some requirements in order to apply for a Certificate for Investment Class: above all, the investments should be related to the setting-up of a new enterprise, to an extension of an existing one or of an activity. You must also be involved in the economic activities mentioned in the Regulations on Implementation of this act. You can find more information
on Investbulgaria Agency
The Investment Promotion Act (IPA) regulates the terms and procedures of investment in Bulgaria. The main incentives under it are:
•    Equal treatment of Bulgarian and foreign investors
•    The Investment has to be related to the setting up of a new establishment, expansion, output diversification into new additional products or a fundamental change in the overall production process of existing establishments.
•    The investment is to be made in the following economic activities:
o    In the industrial sector: manufacturing industry;
o    In the services sector: high-tech activities in the field of ICT, R&D, activities of head offices, education, human health care, warehousing and support activities for transportation
On the official website of Investbulgaria Agency you can find more information, statistics, analyses and more useful tips for investing in Bulgaria –
Investbulgaria Agency

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