Security and consumer rights

    Safety and security in Bulgaria are on a high level, crime levels are low and violent crimes are rare. Of course, if you are visiting the country during the summer season, especially near the seacoast, you should be aware of all kind of people. Still, the country is considered a safe destination when it comes to tourism and travelling. The threat level is set to low-midium.
    When it comes to consumer rights protection, there is a Commission for Consumer Protection, which is responsible for that. There are many relevant laws and regulations we cannot mention here, but we list some of the things you should know:
-    The duration of a guarantee for new and second-hand goods is 2 years
-    If you buy a product and it turns out to be defective, the seller bears responsibility even if you bought it online. You have 2 months to notify the seller for the problem.
-    If you need a repair or replacement of the product you bought – it is free of charge. It is the same if you want a refund or reduction of the purchase price from the seller.
-    The legal guarantee is extended by the amount of time necessary for the repair or replacement of the product, i.e. the repaired/replaced product is not covered by the new guarantee.
-    The one who is offering the warranty (the seller, the producer or a third party guarantor) is the one who is responsible for application of the warranty.
-    The commercial warranty is 1 to 5 years, but it depends on the product.
-    The warranty is not always free of charge.
You can read more on the topic on the European Union official website – Your Europe, Shopping: your rights

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