PhD Studies

    Many of the Bulgarian Higher Educational Institutions offer a doctorate/PhD programmes and some of them are in foreign languages (English, German, French or Russian). Usually, the doctorate degrees are obtained after three years of studies, of course, only available for those who already have obtained a Master’s degree. If you are a foreign student and would like to have your PhD in Bulgaria, you must prepare some of the following documents:
-    Application form – according to the HEI where you are applying
-    A validated copy and a certified translation of your high-school diploma
-    A medical certificate issued not earlier than one month before your application
-    Certificate of the language of instruction of the course you are applying (English, German, French or Russian).
-    And of course, some photocopies
Usually, the other admission criteria are being defined by the HEI itself, so you should contact them and ask for more information regarding the procedures.

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