How to save money visiting Bulgaria

Even though, compared to other European countries the prices in Bulgaria are affordable for foreigners we all know that it’s a good idea to save some money when you travel abroad. That’s why we decided to give you some ideas how to do it when you are visiting Bulgaria:

1.     Always check the price of a certain product in different stores before deciding to purchase it – usually, there might be a very big difference in pricing of a certain product in different stores as the quality is the same. Also, in Bulgaria we have websites for group purchasing where you can find discount coupons for various products and services. Using them you can save 10 to 50% off the original price which is being offered in the stores. You can also use them for booking a vacation, buying dinner or lunch and many other services.

2.     When you are in a restaurant always ask for a menu and check out the prices and the weight of a certain meal. Some of the dishes are big enough for two so you could order only one.

3.     Always check the taxi fares before calling a taxi. The prices per km and daily/night tariff could vary in different ranges with different companies. Try to choose the company with the best fares and keep your eyes wide open for scams.

4.     Many of the stores have a club cards which you can use for different discounts. If you are interested in making one just ask for more information at the store as they are not always publicly announced.

5.     If you are interested in buying a product you never used before, you can ask for a tester. If you don’t like it – don’t buy it, it’s simple. Other way around is to buy it, but you have to keep the price tag and the receipt – according to Bulgarian customer rights, you have 1 month to return a certain item.

6.     Many foreigners are wondering if it is possible to bargain in Bulgaria when shopping – well, yes, but not everywhere. You can do it the small stores where the owner is on spot and it’s able to make a discount on the product. Other place where you can try to bargain for the price are the open markets. Usually discounts are being made for purchasing a couple of items..

7.     You can also use discount cards which include a wide range of different stores and markets. Other options are the mobile applications (iLoveBulgaria) for your smart device. As gaining a certain amount of points for checking in in different stores, they can be exchanged for discounts in the stores.

8.     Using our service “Shopping assistance” also can help you save up some money. You will be accompanied by local Bulgarian, who will be your guide during your shopping (who but not a Bulgarian will be more aware of the discounts or sales in the area?). You will be given the best advices how to save up money, make a discount card and the places where they are offered. He can also show you the best places for original Bulgarian souvenirs. Have in mind that this service is offered only in certain cities, so if you are interested please request it via the Contact panel as you describe the conditions you are being offered. When purchasing high-value products we will do our best to arrange a discount on the price, if possible of course. The price of using this service is half the price of the discount from the original price.

9.     When buying bus tickets for travel in the country, it is cheaper to buy both-ways tickets.

10.                        When buying museum tickets, if you are travelling in groups buy a group ticket – it’s way cheaper. Also, check for student and kids discount.

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