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Tourism in Bulgaria is very well developed, and the interest in the country as a tourist destination has been rising rapidly in the past years. There are tourist information centers in almost every town where you can find an important landmark. If you want to see the phone number or you just want to know if the place where you are going has an information center, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria (since the information in English is not complete, you can switch into Bulgarian and find the full list). Other big website for tourist information is the The Official Tourism Portal of Bulgaria. 

An official symbol of Bulgarian tourism is the world famous Bulgarian rose; the country is the biggest producer of rose oil in the world. Since Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, there are many historical landmarks preserved as a national and world heritage. One of them is the oldest Gold Treasure in the world, which was found near Varna (also known as Varnensko zlato). Also, you might have heard about the fact that the first electronic digital computer was invented by John Atanasoff, who is of Bulgarian descent. Of course, there are many more interesting facts and places you can visit that we cannot list here.

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